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valid from 21-09-2020 until 27-09-2020

The next few days you won't worry too much about discipline and responsibility. You'll probably spend your week fantasizing and building castles in the air instead. You're probably not too happy about your day-to-day life and feel a strong urge to go on a spree. As long as this 'going on a spree' amounts to fantasizing and day-dreaming, this is more than reasonable and you are free to give way to it. Sooner or later this will do absolutely everybody good.
You'll surprise the people around you this week by your frequent mood switches. This is remarkable, because these are quite characteristic for your solar sign. Your colleagues will come to see both sides of you this week. One day the dreamy Aries 'one' will appear at work, the next it will be Aries 'two' who works diligently and energetically to accomplish the various tasks.
You find the company of people who resemble you the most congenial.

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