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valid from 17-09-2018 until 23-09-2018


Weekly horoscope Virgo

Weekly horoscope Virgo predict what might happen this week.
Your weekly horoscope Virgo is a free horoscope.

For some people born around the 21st of a month it is rather difficult to find out what sun sign they have. And if you are born around the 21st then you might not know which horoscope is yours.
The solution is that the day in the year in which you were born determines your zodiac sign. So two people may have the same birthday (i.e. September 21.) But - because they were born in different years – they have a different sun sign and therefore should read a different weekly horoscope.
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Every Sunday you wll find here your weekly horoscope Virgo.

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Stop retiring into your shell Virgo! You'll discover that the people around you are a lot more sensitive than before. This makes talking about difficult subjects with them a lot easier: they can now take a hint.
It may well be that you cannot 'heave your heart upon your sleeve' Virgo, to quote Shakespeare for you. That you don't easily talk about subjects near to your heart. But you can't always draw in your horns, always hide yourself. If you go on like this, you will really start getting into your own way one of these days. You may then even lose contact with a dear friend from your inner circle. Open your eyes and stop hiding behind cooked up excuses. Show yourself to the world. This will do you a lot of good. Spending the evening out does wonders.

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