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valid from 22-07-2019 until 28-07-2019

It's not unthinkable that you'll discover something worthwhile about yourself this week. Something quite unknown to you until now. It seems as if you're able 'to read' the feelings of the people you get in touch with. If you're able to communicate this in a pleasant way, you'll create an open, warm, atmosphere which makes the people you interact with feel relaxed and safe. This creates a favourable condition for warm contacts and intimate talks with people you hold very dear.
This week there is no getting around this very special gift of yours. It has always been there, deep within you like a hidden treasure, but you never believed that it would be of any use to you. You'll start thinking differently about this during the next few months. It'll be a positive asset to your life as long as you don't let it be overruled by your rational thinking. A dear old friend is quite willing to show you the ropes. Too bad you see so little of each other lately.

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