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valid from 12-11-2018 until 18-11-2018

You could become the victim of your thirst for impetuosity. You are biting off more than you can chew and don't pay enough attention, this week, to the people around you. You yourself have the idea that you do occupy yourself about others. This may have either positive or negative effects, but in the long run you yourself are also convinced that you have failed in your duties towards others.
You are very gregarious this week and enjoy even more than you usually do to be amongst your friends. In spite of your professional problems, you long to make fun and behave like a beast. It is always wise not to mix your private and professional lives, but aren't you carrying it a bit too far Taurus!?
The time is ripe to make some fundamental changes in your professional affairs. Follow your feelings and intuition and take the plunge Taurus!

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