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valid from 17-02-2020 until 23-02-2020

The stars initiated a brief, but intense infatuation in August. But now that the lovesickness is gone and you can actually see the person behind the pink clouds, you are back on your feet again Taurus.
Try not to forget that you did thoroughly enjoy this period. The emotions that come with being in love don't let themselves be reined. They come and go as they please.
The person who now consoles you has no other intentions than doing just that: cheering you up. He or she will prove to be a better friend than the person you were infatuated with.
Being in love just isn't everything, even though it may really feel lovely. A true, warm friendship is far more satisfying though. It makes you feel content and happy to be back in your familiar surroundings, close to your own true self.

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