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valid from 03-08-2020 until 09-08-2020

Sometimes luck is against you dear Taurus and this is just one of those weeks that you'll not have everything going for you. Despite the fact that all the ingredients are present for a beautiful week. Even the weather doesn't affect you.
It may all be due to the fact that you just don't have the amount of money you would like. In the past, it was easier for people 'to cut their coat according to their cloth', so to speak. For the Taurus, however, this isn't always easy. You want to live like the people around you, your neighbours and friends for instance. You all tend to drive up each others pattern of spending to such an extend that this will sooner or later get you all into trouble.
There may be some light at the other end of the tunnel for you though. In October the Taurus may receive a bonus that will help relieve some of the financial tensions.

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