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Read your horoscope Taurus

You Taurus, your horoscope says you have a couple of extremely powerful, distinctive character traits. Physical as well as mental. You most probably know exactly what you want in life. You yourself decide which goals you want to work towards and you do everything within your powers to actually reach these goals.
Astrologically, the planet Venus controls you. You are someone with a great love of nature and the countryside, sensitive to his or her surroundings. You are a warm-hearted person, with a social conscience.
Although you are very companionable, you also enjoy a couple of hours of complete isolation. Every now and then, you want to be completely on your own for a while.
It seems as if no one is able to really annoy you. Real Taurus hardly ever get angry. But once someone or something does succeed in getting him angry, the people around him have every reason to be worried. In such an emotional state, you could even crush the strong Scorpio as if he or she were a tiny, insignificant fly.
Quite often, you are completely fed-up with the smelly city air and you start looking for freshly cut grass. That always does you good: it re-energizes you.
You are not really fond of change, preferring to keep things as they are. That doesn't only hold true for your friends, to whom you are very loyal, but also for your eating habits.

Your horoscope says furthermore:

You are not charmed by those who sneak food from your plate. The food on your plate is yours and yours only.
Your need for possessions and autonomy derives from your strong wish to be self-supporting. As a result, you are often busy gathering material stuff and sufficient money. You are no money-grubber. But you love your freedom and you simply need money to remain free.

Most people around you are unaware of your Taurus temper. Some people believe they can put you in the corner, just like your school teacher could at primary school. You tend, for a split second, to give the impression that you swallow this behaviour and just let this happen. However, those who treat you in this way, grossly underestimate you. Subordinates may, for a while, believe that they have more privileges than they really have, that you couldn't care less about what they do or don't do. Too bad for them that they haven't taken the trouble to get to know you better. If they had, they would have known that one absolutely cannot trifle with a Taurus. Never

Your horoscope says finally:

You have a preference for a stable and sensual relationship with your partner. Savouring the lovely things of life, together with your partner, like good food and drinks and being cosily together. And to crown is all, you love a beautiful house, full of luxury accessories.
You are not the perfect salesman, like the Gemini, but your commercial feelings hardly ever let you down. You don't swindle people in the sense that you don't make them believe that the moon is made of cream. You absolutely refuse to go that far. But you can sell a good product to literally anyone, even to those who were unaware, until they met you, that they wanted or needed the product in question. Carefully hold on to the fact that you always had and still have a purposeful determination which is so strong that no one is able to keep you from reaching your goals. Sometimes the power of the Taurus is misused. Powerful leaders, but also criminal dictators (Hitler and Saddam Hoessein) have the same Sun sign as you, dear Taurus.

Famous Taurus: Johan Cruijff, Jack Nicholson, Yehudi Menuhin, Saddam Hussein, Lenin, Shakespeare, Barbara Streisand, Al Pacino, David Beckham, Tony Blair, Brahms, Madeleine Albright, Janet Jackson, queen Juliana of the Netherlands, prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, queen Elizabeth II, Michelle Pfeifer and Maxima Zorreguieta from the Netherlands.

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