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valid from 12-11-2018 until 18-11-2018

Why not do something completely different, next Sunday, from what you usually do on Sundays Scorpio? Don't let the weather detain you and make an outing to the countryside. Even at this time of the year it is beautiful outside. Just breathe in that lovely air! Being outside, in the fresh air, is comparable to a visit to the theatre or a the stadium. It's completely different from watching television and taking part in 'the same event'. Being there, in one's own proper person, is so completely different. Only when you have experienced this yourself, will you be able to appreciate that these are poles apart.
Get up, therefore, from your lazy chair or sofa Scorpio! Put the television remote control in a deep drawer and don't switch on the computer this weekend. Get on you bike or into your car, or go for a long, brisk walk with your partner, if you have one, or otherwise with one of your dear friends.
Everyone will feel more than satisfied afterwards.

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