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valid from 21-09-2020 until 27-09-2020

You will learn something about yourself you didn't believe possible, thanks to a female member of the family, a good female friend or even an acquaintance. You are dreaming and fantasizing from time to time, but it is advisable not to lose your head this week. You may feel a little insecure, anxious and disorientated this week and feel that you are losing your grip of the situation. Remember that there is no actual reason for these feelings Scorpio.
Don't withdraw in all sorts of trivial private or professional matters, because you are able to handle the situation Scorpio. Stop seeing those people who make you feel insecure. Focus on those people around you who wish you well and who approach and effect you in a positive way.
Money plays no role in all this. You have plenty of it, certainly if you look objectively at your financial situation. Most people around you have to make do with less and they seem to manage quite well.

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