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valid from 17-09-2018 until 23-09-2018


The weekly horoscope Scorpio

Is your weekly horoscope Scorpio or the one for the Sagittarius?
For some people born around the 21st of November it is hard to find out what sunsign you have. And then you do not know which weekly horoscope is yours.
Are you a Scorpio or Sagittarius when you are born on 20th or 21st of November? Which as weekly horoscope should you read? Either the Scorpio weekly horoscope or the Sagittarius horoscope.
The rule is that the day in the year in which you were born determines your zodiac sign.
So two people may have the same birthday (i.e. November 21.) But - because they were born in different years – they have a different sun sign and therefore should read a different weekly horoscope.

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This is promising to be a hectic week during which loads of work will have to be done. Your adrenaline level will rise sky-high due to all the stress and agitation.
Scenes in a romantic movie make you crave for a little more emotion in your own love life. You could bring about some changes in this field yourself Scorpio. This does, however, ask for some initiative on your side. This has to do with the same adrenaline which you do let out of the cupboard as soon as work is concerned, but which you stick in the freezer when it comes to wooing and loving your partner. Come on Scorpio, pull out all the stops!
You used to be so inventive in this field and, secretly, also quite proud about your creativity in this sphere!

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