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valid from 22-07-2019 until 28-07-2019

There are days when you can't get yourself to budge Sagittarius. This week you are as changeable as the weather. One day everything will be running smoothly, the next you don't seem to get anything done. This is not a suitable time for this changeability. There is loads of work to be done and your capricious energy level is responsible for the fact that by the end of the day you feel completely exhausted.
Someone with the Scorpio is trying to snatch the ball from under your hands and to get you to do his or her dirty work. If you let this happen, the consequences will become clear in October. It will then be quite impossible to turn the hands of the clock back.
Mind your health Sagittarius. You believe yourself to be in rather good shape, but a little more exercise wouldn't do you any harm. If you take some more exercise and take good care of yourself, you'll have enough resiliency to handle the stressful situations that will cross your path during the next few weeks.

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