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valid from 08-06-2020 until 14-06-2020

At first glance, it seems as if everything goes wrong this week. But somehow or other, you are lucky each time: at the very last moment the tide will turn and things will change for the better. There is a small angel sitting on your shoulder, Sagittarius! Try listening carefully to what is being whispered in your ear. You have the tendency to attach a lot of weight to your view of the matter, while it is better to listen to your inner voice.
Your firm acting in a conflict at work will make you enjoy even more prestige amongst your colleagues. One of your superiors will also be pleasantly surprised. If you are self-employed, your knowledge and competence will be favourably received by an important customer. If you apply for a new job, you'll cut a good figure this week and therefore have a good chance to actually get the job.
Superficially, everything seems to go wrong this week, but you just happen to have the luck that you need at the right moment.

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