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valid from 12-11-2018 until 18-11-2018

It looks absolutely impossible in this crisis, but if you wish to get a new loan or a new mortgage, try to arrange matters in such a way that the actual signing can take place this or next week at the latest.
Especially if it concerns matters with long-term effects. Contracts dealing with loans or with buying a house, for instance, should therefore be signed this week or the coming week. Don't delay this Pisces, or the positive position of the stars will be gone. Later, there may be a snake in the grass: someone may suddenly decide to want to make some (essential) changes.
At this moment it is most probably very difficult for you to form a concrete picture of all these scenario's, but in a few months time all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will fall into place. Signing this contract retroactively will be next to impossible. Then the mortgage loan rate will be higher then today.

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