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valid from 13-07-2020 until 19-07-2020

You are in a better physical condition this week than you often are, Pisces. You haven't become a top-class sportsman all of a sudden, but on closer scrutiny you don't have the symptoms you had before. You kept going to bed much too late for quite a while and getting up too early the following morning, resulting in chronic lack of sleep.
The weather probably had something to do with this too. But much more significant, though, is that this week you'll take a step in the right direction to learn how to cope with stress in a more constructive, wholesome way. Don't try to bend all things to your will. Try giving others the opportunity and space to hold on to their own preferences and work out their own ideas. You don't have the answers to all and every question and there is no need. Sometimes, what's good for you is bad for someone else or the other way round. With your improved physical condition you are well equipped to handle these conflicting interests. In the long run, this will decrease the stress which you yourself arouse.

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