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valid from 20-01-2020 until 26-01-2020

This is an extremely suitable week to take it easy and calm down a bit. Even if you are not a regular visitor to the psychologist, you could be confronted with your subconsciousness. You could become aware of old, out-dated patterns of behaviour you are no longer in need of.
If spending a week in a monastry ever crossed your mind, then this is the week to put your thoughts into action. If you are ready to let yourself go and to face your emotions, you could solve a few problems you have carried around with you for a long time.
Old habits are no longer useful. If you now start getting rid of them, you don't only do yourself a great pleasure, but everyone around you as well.

If a week in a monastry is a bridge too far for you, you could spend some extra energy on really paying attention to and caring for other people. Their needs are more conspicious than they usually are and you are, more than at other times, willing to give a helping hand.

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