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valid from 17-09-2018 until 23-09-2018


Weekly Libra Horoscope

This is the weekly Libra horoscope.
Sometimes it is difficult to determine your constellation you fall under.
And then you do not know which horoscope applies to you.

If you were born on September 20th, which weekly horoscope applies to you? Is it the weekly Virgin or the weekly Libra horoscope?
The rule is that the day in the year in which you were born counts for your constellation.
That is why 2 people can have the same date of birth (i.e. September 20th), but because they were born in different years, they have a different constellation.

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Underneath you will find your weekly Libra horoscope for this week.


You are extremely self-confident Libra! The love surrounding you contributes greatly to this state of mind. You feel more certain of yourself in small conflicts with others and annoyances have all but disappeared. The day-to-day worries that keep other people busy, don't seem to concern you very closely. You occupy yourself with matters from 'higher spheres'. You don't get angry at all about small problems or about things going wrong around you: these matters simply leave you cold.
You are letting go of things from the past which used to really bother you before. Not too long ago, these problems used to weigh heavily. But they did help making you the person you are now.
This week you are narrowly focussed on material possessions. Realize that it is impossible to own everything. Put a strong check on your spending habits, before it is too late. It could even be better to leave your money in the bank.

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