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valid from 22-07-2019 until 28-07-2019

This will most probably be a relaxed, easy-going week for the Libra. Everything will be running smoothly and you won't be feeling rushed or stressed at all. You yourself are always the source of the stress you experience, as you know full well. You have a tendency to leave much too late for appointments. And you then get rather irritated by the lack of alertness and speed in your fellow road users. You then tend to feel easily victimized: other things or other people are trying to harm you. But this is, of course, absolutely not the case. It's all your own doing Libra.
This week, however, it seems as if you have learned a lesson, because you have adapted your life style.
Always keep at the back of your mind that your feelings aren't just a product of your present life. If you remember this well, you can learn from your own faults, faults which even you as a Libra have!

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