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valid from 18-11-2019 until 24-11-2019

You'll be feeling rather tired for a couple of days. Not completely worn out, but considerably listless. It looks as if for weeks you have been going to bed much too late. And every morning the alarmclock continued to go off mercilessly, as early as always. The weather may also have something to do with you feeling rather worn out.
Do take good care of yourself Leo. Burning the candle at both ends and continually biting off more than you can chew, will sooner or later turn against you and lead to troubles of some sort.
Make sure that you get enough sleep this week. Your body does seem to be able to stand a period of rough handling. But lately, it appears as if you have overstepped a mark. There is a limit to everything Leo!
As a real Leo you'll have to learn (once again) to keep within your limits.

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