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valid from 16-09-2019 until 22-09-2019

This week may bring you a loving relationship or a meeting with a complete stranger with whom you'll become linked intimately. Chances are that this will be a restless week for you, with quite a few emotional peaks. This unrest does, however, keep you in a flexible and alert state. You may get a taste of happiness only few people ever experience in their lives.
At work you'll also make progress, provided you work in harmony with your colleagues. Personal contact becomes increasingly important in the professional field and you are planning to work on that, to take yourself in hand so to speak.
The best day for your love life is the Saturday. You'll have an impressive flirtation this week. It will be so brief, unfortunately, that it will be over before you are aware that it was actually there. It will leave you with a pleasant feeling and with positive memories nontheless.

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