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valid from 20-05-2019 until 26-05-2019

As a Leo it may be difficult for you to forget the past. The next few weeks it would be much better though if you did exactly that. Don't start blaming the people around you for what happened. Look at yourself in the mirror more frequently and try to discover the root of your problems there. Only look towards the past to find out when the foundation for your current behaviour was laid. The Leo is also the product of his upbringing and education, after all. If you have little self-discipline at the moment, you let things run their course to the extend that you let matters drift. You believe that everything will always turn out well. But watch out Leo! This week things could go a little differently.
The brains of the self-disciplined Leo work extremely well this week because of which you will completely solve both your professional and your private problems. Mind your physical condition. Go out for a brisk walk and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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