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valid from 23-04-2018 until 29-04-2018


Weekly horoscope Leo

Whatever is in the weekly horoscope Leo for this week, do never forget that you always have your own choice what to do or what you defenitely will not do.

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You honestly believe that you handle stress well, but the situation is a little different though. It'll probably surprise you, Leo, that your horoscope tells you that you don't, after all, have cast-iron nerves.
Mentally, you deal with stress quite well. But taking a close look at your physical condition probably makes you reach a different conclusion.
Being ill only at the weekends and during the first days of your holidays is definitely an indication of the ill effects of too much stress on your health. You can continue fooling yourself that you manage stress well, but your body evidently thinks differently.
Even the Leo has to restrain him- or herself now and then. Have your blood pressure taken. A regular health check gives you actual information about your body. This week you should probably also start taking exercise on a more regular basis.

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