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valid from 12-11-2018 until 18-11-2018

This week someone in your vicinity will gossip about you and your family in a rather nasty way. You have no idea who this person is, but the gossip spreads like fire within your circle of friends and acquaintances. It won't be easy to refute this slander. It may take as long as January until the ruffled feathers are smoothed again. In February you'll hear, quite by chance, who the source of this nasty rumour was. You'll then give her a piece of your mind. With friends like that who needs enemies! This lady (!) will therefore be no longer a friend of yours. Your financial situation is also a reason to complain. Generally speaking your financial and emotional ups and downs follow similar curves. The stars just aren’t too favourable at the moment, that's all. For your financial situation the same holds true as for your personal life: things will straighten themselves out by the beginning of January. The gap in your budget will also be stopped by then.

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