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valid from 13-07-2020 until 19-07-2020

You seem so self-confident, dear Gemini. But as you know very well yourself, you put on this mask now and then in order to keep up appearances in front of your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances. This week you'll be putting on this mask more frequently than you usually do and you'll be feeling smaller than you pretend to be. Don't worry about this: you haven't reached the age yet to drop your mask.
This is, therefore, a good week for you, even more so than if you hadn't decided to keep a tight rein on your tongue. You'll radiate joy at a get-together or party and attract the attention of a Capricorn who, secretly, almost swoons on seeing your bottom and/or legs. These being, at the moment, your most attractive features.
Don't be too big for your boots, Gemini! You know your legs need 'boots' on both feet to show up well.

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