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valid from 20-11-2017 until 26-11-2017


Gemini weekly horoscope.

Is the Gemini horoscope yours?
Sometimes it is difficult to determine your constellation you fall under.
And then you do not know which horoscope applies to you.
Are you a Gemini or a Cancer when you are born on 21. or 22nd of June? Which weekly horoscope applies to you? Either the Gemini weekly horoscope or the Cancer horoscope.
The solution is that the day in the year in which you were born determines your zodiac sign. So two people may have the same birthday (i.e. June 21.) But - because they were born in different years – they have a different sun sign and therefore should read another weekly horoscope.

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If you are playing Wordfeud you will find out this week that it is rather easy to place a tile on the board then draging it.
You just need two fingers / hands. With one finger you point the tile you have choosen and with a finger of your other hand you point the box on the board.
Someone within your circle of friends and acquaintances needs you more than ever Gemini! You are normally rather sensitive to the mood the people around you are in and react to their emotional state in a pleasant and appropriate manner.
Be careful, though, this time, not to press your own convictions on others or they won't take your advice. Diplomacy is not foreign to your nature. Therefore do use this personal quality of yours.
The person who asks for your help is very attached to the emotional bond that exists between you both and especially appreciates your warmth and genuine interest in him or her and will always continue to be thankful to you because of the wise and balanced advice you'll be giving him or her.

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