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valid from 12-11-2018 until 18-11-2018

You enjoy having quite a bit of excitement and suspense in your life. Unfortunately, you'll have to do without for a few weeks. This week, especially, you'll want to look out for excitement and suspense, but you won't succeed in your search. Go jogging or take a long, brisk walk in order to get rid of your superfluous energy. You can whistle for excitement and suspense this week.
At the same time you'll be dragged back and forth by a Aries who's really keeping after you. You don't like this one bit, but it is not so easy to duck out of this situation. This Aries is just a bit too big and (verbally) too strong for you. This is remarkable in the light that you normally have great verbal skills. Especially in situations when someone believes he or she can manipulate you.
Half way through December you'll be able to shake off this pain in the neck.

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