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valid from 22-07-2019 until 28-07-2019

You're working more diligently than ever this week and you therefore achieve quite a bit. You have lots of energy and you handle everything with enthousiasm and confidence. This also holds true for your mental energy, during discussions with your friends and acquaintances for instance. You're able to defend your viewpoint in all situations.
In the private as well as in the professional field you'll be give the opportunity to put your affairs in order, to arrange your pawns on the chessboard in such a way that there's no getting around you.
This may lead to especially surprising developments at work. You'll get the opportunity, for instance, to shoulder the responsibility for quite a few matters which will eventually lead to promotion and a higher salary. A good opportunity to show that you carry your weight and are able to take responsibility. You also interact well within groups. This is due to your high energy level. If you have recently been on holiday, you know what you should do in future to charge up again.
Altogether these are very successful weeks for the Gemini, with a lovely, renewed encounter.

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