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valid from 18-11-2019 until 24-11-2019

This week and the next you'll feel really well. You'll enjoy being with old friends with whom you have developed strong bonds of friendship during the years. They know and feel that you really care about them and that they can count on your unconditional support as soon as they need it.
You'll also get in touch with other people who'll attract your attention. Your intuition will work perfectly well, because of which you'll be able to separate the sheep from the goats. Only those people will remain, therefore, with whom you will also be able strike up a friendship. Keep your eyes open for a Aries. With this Aries you'll strike up a close friendship. Give him or her a chance. Don't expect him or her to immediately speak his or her mind and to fully commit him- or herself.
You will, mind you, have to be patient till September. Yes, you are indeed reading this correctly.

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