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valid from 12-11-2018 until 18-11-2018

You are putting a spoke in someone's wheel in such a way that it is very conspicuous to others. Everyone assumes that you have some private reason for this. You'll deny this in every possible way, but they are right and you know it. You let yourself by guided by emotions instead of reason.
You believe that you always act rationally and that you never attach too much importance to your feelings during your professional dealings. It now becomes clear, however, that your feelings do, at certain moments, play an important role at work.
This will be an important learning experience for you. It'll teach you that your feelings do play an important role in the process of professional decision making, as they do with many managers of companies quoted on the stock exchange. Letting your heart have a say in your business affairs will certainly make you more human Capricorn.

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