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valid from 20-11-2017 until 26-11-2017


Weekly horoscope Capricorn

Whatever is in your weekly horoscope Capricorn for his week, never forget that you always have your own choice what to do or what you defenitely will not do.

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You'll have to solve a couple of computer problems this week, Capricorn. You believe that your computer is probably 'infected' by a virus, but that is not the case. The fact that it isn't by far as fast as it should be, the last couple of weeks, is neither caused by a virus nor by the age of your computer. The source of all the troubles is a hard disk which is too full. You'll be trying, in vain, to find the solution in the wrong direction which makes you feel so frustrated that you feel like throwing the whole thing out the window.
Try to resist this impulse, because the problem will be so much easier to solve, this week, than you ever thought possible.
It would not be a bad idea, Capricorn, not to occupy yourself with a keyboard and screen for a few days, because your physical condition is rapidly deteriorating. Leave the house and breathe in some fresh air!

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