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valid from 22-07-2019 until 28-07-2019

This is going to be a rather nice week for the Capricorn and you may thank yourself for that. You'll be looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses and enjoy it thoroughly. Gone are the low spirits and your pessimistic attitude. You'll feel this week as if there are no mountains too high for you.
Live 'mindfully': consciously appreciate every nice event, every pleasant occasion, however small and seemingly insignificant it may (at first) appear. Be fully aware of how pleased and content these can make you feel. Even in times of utter confusion and despair people may experience moments of utter satisfaction and contentment. You as a proper Capricorn will certainly be able to so this week.
Cherish these feelings, because these are the best moments of your life. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could arouse these feelings with the press of a button? Only very few people are able to do so though.
Make an appointment with a few members of your family, a couple of friends or acquaintances for a nice outing, but also to 'just' spend a couple of warm, cosy hours together. This will do everyone a lot of good. What is this thing with an Ipad?

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