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valid from 20-01-2020 until 26-01-2020

Your finances can be improved this week.
This week you devote quite a bit of time to love. Or at least that is what you think since you do not make such a strict distinction between love and sex as you used to do. There is nothing wrong with this, but be aware of what you are doing Cancer. You are looking for love and compensating the lack of love with sex. In the long run this could make you believe that love doesn't give you any or at least not enough satisfaction. This would be a wrong conclusion to draw.
You are very interested in someone with the sign Cancer. This certainly has nothing to do with the fact that it concerns someone with the same sign as you. Normally you aren't so fond of people with the Cancer.
Go out jogging or take a brisk walk in order to bring some rest into your ever busy mind.

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