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valid from 18-11-2019 until 24-11-2019

This week, Cancer, almost everything will go like clockwork. Towards the end of this week, though, you'll have to do your best to avoid a quarrel. Try to keep calm and don't react straight away.
You'll get the opportunity, because of some extra 'income', to put some money aside for a large expenditure in January or February. This has something to do with your house.
Try to get some exercise, Cancer, and do mind your weight. And don't let the weather deter you.
A physically attractive Scorpio or Cancer catches your attention. Your future partner perhaps? With the Scorpio you may have to look through the façade. This façade is not there in the Cancer, because you and this other Cancer are so extremely similar. This could prove to be a disadvantage in a more personal relationship. Sooner or later you'll discover that the physical side of this Scorpio is of little interest to you. You'll then realize that true, warm friendship is what you're looking for in a close relationship.

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