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valid from 22-07-2019 until 28-07-2019

There is loads to do at the workplace and just about everybody is pulling at you as if their lives depend on you. You'll be able to handle the situation well, because your energy level is optimal. You yourself are astonished by this. Not only your close colleagues need your help. There are others too, whom you hardly know, who believe that you are the one to solve all their problems and find answers to all their difficulties.
Don't forget reserving some time and attention for your private circle of family and friends. There's someone who needs a bit more of your attention than at first appears.
For a couple of weeks now you have been thinking about calling a friend, but somehow or other you don't get round to actually doing so. Suit the action to the word this week Aries. You'll discover that it'll be a very pleasant talk indeed. You'll hear a surprising piece of news which will make you feel elated for the rest of the week.

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