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valid from 26-02-2018 until 04-03-2018


Weekly horoscope Aries.

Whatever is in the weekly horoscope Aries for this week, never forget that you always have your own choice what to do or what you defenitely will not do.

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Underneath you will find the weekly horoscope Aries for this week.


This week will be characterized by technical problems, Aries! Your computer or mobile phone may (partially) break down. Or your internet connection may be disrupted. Virus or spyware could invade your computer. You'll possibly lose all the telephone numbers in your mobile phone or it will behave in unexpected and unreliable ways.
All this will cost you a lot of time and cause much stress. It takes a lot of figuring out how to solve all these problems and it seems as if nothing works.
However, at the moment you feel like giving up, like throwing in the towel, everything will be functioning well again.
The remedy for this week is: don't let yourself be pushed and rushed around by circumstances you can hardly influence. Concentrate on the really important aspects of your life.

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