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valid from 14-01-2019 until 20-01-2019

It's no use getting angry at a colleague or business partner who doesn't meet his or her commitments. Fortunately, the 'home front' backs you up. Do make sure, though, that you are square with your partner(s) Aries!
Your longing to be independent has repercussions on your relationship with your partner who isn't all too happy with this. It may even arouse feelings of jealousy in someone else.
Sunday is an excellent day for getting into contact with different people. The best day for love this week is the Thursday. There must be some reason for late night shopping. Perhaps you should visit a supermarket if no other shops are open. Supermarkets are often open at night.
Be careful when you talk about your work with your colleagues. You don't know who is intending to pull the rug out from under you. But one of them is just itching to start pulling.

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