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valid from 16-09-2019 until 22-09-2019

You are someone who thoroughly enjoys the 'ordinary' things of life, like your daily cup of tea and newspaper in the morning. And the sun reflecting on the puddles on the street.
A few friends of yours feel less at ease with you at the moment. You will get into contact this week with someone you haven't met before. Someone who can support you in your path to personal growth and who understands and feels very well what you are feeling. Be careful, though, not to foster illusions.
Someone is flirting with you on your way to and from work. This person is very succesful in his or her profession and is held in high regard. You quite like that.
Your health needs a little bit of extra attention this week. Your professional ambitions tend to make you overstep the limit.
This week you feel very clearly that you are really in touch with things Aquarius. And that's what you thoroughly enjoy, insn't it!?

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