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valid from 18-09-2017 until 24-09-2017


Aquarius weekly horoscope

Whatever is in your Aquarius weekly horoscope for this week, never forget that you always have your own choice what to do or what you defenitely will not do.

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This is a suitable week to give your social life a boost. Work won't be your first priority. You're longing for that lovely holiday feeling. If you do have to work this week, you'll most probably be cutting corners most of the time. It's more fun to have a good long talk with friends and acquaintances and let all the many things you have to attend to at work go at that. Because you normally do more than expected, your boss won't mind this unusual behaviour too much.
During the weekend, you should go out. You may then expect a lovely flirtation. But you'll have to be there, Aquarius!
Seize this opportunity. Flirtations of this calibre are rare and far between.

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