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valid from 17-09-2018 until 23-09-2018


Aquarius weekly horoscope

Whatever is in your Aquarius weekly horoscope for this week, never forget that you always have your own choice what to do or what you defenitely will not do.

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In the course of the week you'll get the feeling that everyone really likes you. It is good to realize that your feelings and emotional state of mind actually have the power to influence and shape your life.
In this lovely frame of mind you'd like to start an affair with a variety of people. And they would like to do the same with you. This could cause a bit of a problem at home. Remember that you can't have your cake and eat it, Aquarius!
You eat, drink and sleep positivity. That's what you radiate and that some of the people around you receive well. You feel warm inside and are sensitive to all sorts of impressions. Other people are sensitive to your karma. This will continue to be so throughout the week.
Every day this week is a good day for you. On Friday it would be wise to take it easy.
Remember that the most pleasant people appear quite unexpectedly in your life Aquarius!

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